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"You see, being rich and successful is 
  not a privelege. People have to decide 
  to become rich and successful. Just to 
  work hard does not guarantee success."
Millionaires rule No 1: Millionaires Don't Save
Millionaires rule No 2: MIllionaires Think For Themselves
Millionaires rule No 3: Millionaires Have a Mindset
Millionaires rule No 4: Millionaires Are Always Liquid
Millionaires rule No 5: MIllionaires Scale Their Ideas
Millionaires rule No 6: Millionaires Duplicate Their Time
Millionaires rule No 7: Millionaires Live Now 
For Michi $ander, the question is not whether someone wants to become a millionaire, but how long he can afford not to strive for it.
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This ebook has given me more insights on how to improve my business and myself than years of study. All that matters is the passion to share it with others and your own mindset.

Tony David
Nebraska, United States
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Michael "Michi" Sander. This name has stood for competence, consulting, and coaching worldwide for many years. He has now shared the latter with more than a million people. The gifted entrepreneur and speaker, who has spoken as the keynote speaker at thousands of meetings around the world, doesn't just put his finger in the wound to wake people up. On one hand, he is concerned with the truth, and on the other hand, he wants to get people out of their externally determined lives so that they can finally make their own decisions. In addition, Michi Sander shares his practical knowledge from more than 30 years of entrepreneurship with others. No read-in knowledge, but everything experienced and lived through.

Knowledge cannot be conveyed more authentically. 
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